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We would love to present your artshow...


La Moira is an experimental place, your proposal for presentation is open to any medium that interests you.

There are only three requirements for a presentation (pating, instalation, tatoos, performance, books, comics, et cétera, et cétera.):

* The artists must be formal.

* Their art work must be concluded on the day of the exhibit (unless that is the objective of the work).

* The inherited artworks in the space must not be damaged (there are many murals).

To exhibit:
You can call Mexico City - (525) 211 0836 and make an appointment with us to set a date that would be good for you.

If you have virtual images of your artwork (no matter what is your technique), you can send it to us at lamoira@lamoira.com and also agree on a date through e-mail. Or you can fill-put the folling form:

Art Genre (photo/performance art/ painting, etc.):

In case your work is 100% virtual, we have an alternative space in Mexico City for your inauguration (write to us for more details). And also if you want we can put your work in our Virtual Gallery.

We offer the space, a diploma of your exhibit, a letter recognizing your exhibit, advertising of your show in all of our other events and our webpage, plus a space in our Virtual Gallery. The rest is in your hands. For foreign exhibits without the artist present, we can arrange a museographer.

The exhibits, presentations and events are shown on Fridays.

And on a new note, we would also like to welcome all the artists from The Papp Gallery in New York to present their work here in Mexico City. Please send us an e-mail at: lamoira@lamoira.com with the subjet: "Papp"

La Moira