The scholars Astyaro Delstrego and Orgen La Vey are presently working in containing the supernatural fenomena manifested at La Moira. They have been revealing their findings for two years since mid March 1999.


A story of ghosts. An interactive narrative where those who participate change, transform and distort the story. Everything that occurs inside is open to the speculator’s interpretation.

The objective is not only to generate an ambiance, but to render an experience out of the ordinary. Impossible things happen, the impossibility becomes an inconceivable probability, that in turn becomes a feasible and tangible illusion.

From the moment one crosses the doors’s threshold, it transforms and molds the spectator’s fantastic reality. Extraordinary experiences envelop you, and as they grasp your mind little by little, and extract the depths of your fantasies, dreams, and nightmares almost imperceptibly, they incarnate in front of your incredulous eyes.

Those who enter, face the story of Marco, a young boy who died mysteriously inside the house. At the beginning, the guests are foreign to the story and can only appreciate it from the outside, but as they wonder inside, they become part of it. They become part of the house, and the house becomes a part of them. They are absorbed up to the point of not being able to distinguish if at some point they existed outside.

Inside, time has no meaning, is slows down, it goes forward, it stops completely. It is a separate reality where the inexplicable and the extraordinary happen.


If you want to undertake a journey of paranormal explorations, then cross the threshold of the unknown.
Open all Saturday nights – after 8:00 pm, open since March 19 1999.
Booking, Reservations and Special Groups are welcome.
9 people maximum. Please call Mexico City (525) 211-08-36. or send us an e-mail.


Students concessions and group discounts available.

Disclaimer: This live presentation has been created for the sole purpose of revealing extraordinary events. However, due to the shocking nature of the event, we ask of you to NOT atend if you are afraid of the dark, if you are prone to fainting or seizures, if you suffer panic attacks or scare easily, or have a heart condition..


Astonishment, confusion, uncertainty, restlessness, terror, all this and more is


La Moira